March Break Open House

We would love to have you join us on Saturday, March 18th, to experience Act Five for yourself!

Where this is happening

We will be hosting this event at the Act Five house at 75 Blake St, Hamilton. We will spend our time on the property and in the neighbourhood.

What to expect

There will be a day of activities and times to learn about what Act Five is, as well as participate in our program for yourself. We want to give you a taste of life at Act Five!

Here’s a brief overview of the day. Please confirm which parts of the day you are interested in joining us for:

Open House Afternoon

Learning about Act Five, asking questions, doing activities around the house and neighbourhood.




Current students, residents, and alumni are preparing a casual evening of music and art to share with you.

Contact Abby at if you have any questions prior to the event! We look forward to hosting you.

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