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Our students and staff have spent a weekend moving turkeys, feeding chickens, harvesting gardens, milking cows, and pressing fresh apple cider. This, we've experienced, is good work for the body and soul.

Two students, Naomi and Emma, have taken time to reflect on their September canoe trips: what they learned, what they loved, and what they didn’t expect.

Enjoy Part 1 of this special 2-part blog post on why we go to the wilderness by staff member David Schuurman.

Act Five's Residence Manager, Madison Eckert, writes about life in Act Five in the summertime. Enjoy, as she describes highlights of this past season.

Our staff team has been paying attention to how we live into the values of Act Five this summer. Enjoy this summertime blog post as we wander through some thoughts on the practice of hospitality.

Alumni, may you continue to walk on the Way, in community, and in relationship with the God who created you, who knows you, and who loves you.

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