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God is the gardener. This parable invites us to humbly expect we are the soil, and we must desire to get messy and dig deeper in order to find the good soil God longs for all of us to be.

"I think having that deep sense of longing for community allows me to get out, which helps me to make the communities around me better." Read more of what Marika had to share in our first alumni interview of the spring!

Act Five is deeply grateful for our ongoing partnership with 541 Eatery & Exchange, a local non-profit and pay-it-forward cafe. A few of our students reflect on their time serving there this term as part of their placements.

Where do YOU want to spend summer 2024?

Madi Eckert tells a recent story of exchange - both food and friendship, happening between residents of Act Five and Micah House.

The clay of our hearts has been softened by the stories of others. Encountering diversity requires us to be creative, formed, and curious, locating beauty in the difference

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