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Where do YOU want to spend summer 2024?

The clay of our hearts has been softened by the stories of others. Encountering diversity requires us to be creative, formed, and curious, locating beauty in the difference

Our students and staff have spent a weekend moving turkeys, feeding chickens, harvesting gardens, milking cows, and pressing fresh apple cider. This, we've experienced, is good work for the body and soul.

Alumni, may you continue to walk on the Way, in community, and in relationship with the God who created you, who knows you, and who loves you.

Every year, our community puts together a video with some highlights of the year. Enjoy!

God forever longs to invite us into more than we can imagine, again and again saying to us, "See, I am doing a new thing." The question will always remain - Do we have room to receive Him as he chooses to dwell among us in a new way?

While rest is important, and a huge part of what we as Christians are called to practice as an act of faith(fulness) in a world of hustle, we are also called to engage. We are called to spend ourselves on things worth spending ourselves on.

In light of Redeemer's recent announcement about the future of Act Five, we want to offer context and hopes for Act Five as a program, community and organization moving forward.

Act Five, commit yourselves. To people and places and Christ. Be present. You might be surprised to find deep joy there.

What is it you plan on doing with your one wild and precious life? Let us offer a glimpse of how God seems to be leading our collective life with Act Five.

Oh, the places we've been! Act Five is not even three years old, and already we have established so many poignant traditions. Each December, our staff and students pack up the Communauto vans and head out of the city to reflect and retreat

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