Making Room this Christmas

From the end-of-term newsletter, December 2022

I wonder… do we have any room this Christmas season? Do we have room for God to come again and dwell among us – in a new way – just as he did in Bethlehem more than two millennia ago?

In every corner of Act Five, whether with our current students, others in our community or the future of where Act Five may grow, I find myself often wondering, “How can we make room for God to come to us in a new way?”

God forever longs to invite us into more than we can imagine, again and again saying to us, “See, I am doing a new thing.” The question will always remain – Do we have room to receive Him as he chooses to dwell among us in a new way? Do we have room for “more than we can imagine”?

In year four of Act Five, we’ve seen this newness from God growing in our students through the first term. We’ve seen them growing in character, asking new questions and longing for more in their days. We’ve also seen our residents, Spaghetti Wednesday guests, alumni and staff all experiencing God in new ways.

This Christmas season, may we know the hope that comes from making room for whatever new God may bring us. As you read the stories from our first term in our recent blog posts, perhaps they will be one source of this hope for you.

Peace be with you,
Jon Berends
Director, Act Five

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