Mission & Vision

Growing out of Redeemer’s mission to offer a university education that is biblically directed and explores the relation of faith, learning, and living, Act Five is a response to the growing number of young adults who are looking for an extra year with new experiences to help them develop and bridge the gap from high school to post-secondary education or other pursuits.

Act Five is largely influenced by a Reformed worldview, while seeking to be intentionally ecumenical in how it equips a range of students from various Christian backgrounds to follow Jesus in every area of their lives.  Our mission & vision extend out of this:


To facilitate Christian discipleship of young people through community, learning and practices designed to

  • Grow their Christian faith and character
  • Equip them for future pathways as rooted and engaged followers of Jesus


We see young adults living wholeheartedly as disciples of Jesus, walking faithfully in the contexts of school, church, neighbourhood, and work.

Within our Gap Year program, students will…

  • Reflect on their story and grow deeper in their faith
  • Imagine the world around them with fresh eyes
  • Practice justice in loving their neighbours
  • Prepare for what lies ahead

We grow up spending a lot of time learning the right ideas. But there is so much in us that has to catch up. If we don’t give time to that now, when will we? Why are we in such a rush?

Jon BerendsGap Year Director

Goals for gap year students

  1. To know, experience and grow practices toward a life with God
    • By engaging with scripture and stories
    • By learning to share their own stories
    • By practicing spiritual disciplines and rhythms of life that shape who we are
  2. To grow as citizens of God’s Kingdom while engaging as citizens in our places.
    • By witnessing and learning from different expressions of Christian vocation
    • By participating in service, work, and community engagement in and around Hamilton
    • By learning of relevant issues of justice and reconciliation, both locally and globally
  3. To grow in character and discern / prepare for future pathways
    • By living and learning in community with regular mentorship
    • By exploring outside comfort zones
    • By exploring gifts, passions and vocation through a range of experiences, lessons and supports
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