How does one measure impact? – Parent Testimonies

Since its inception, the number of those supporting Act Five has steadily grown.
For those of us involved with Act Five, we – perhaps obviously – wholeheartedly believe in this program.

We recognize, however, that the strongest force behind the decisions of young adults is parents, followed by other significant adults, whether this be pastors, teachers, coaches, or other mentors.

With that in mind…

Parents of youth and young adults, we invite you to watch these videos of parents sharing their experience in choosing Act Five with their son or daughter, and watching the transformation that took place in their lives over the course of the program.

Youth pastors, young adult pastors, teachers, coaches, and mentors – we also ask that you watch these testimonies and consider your own voice in directing young adults to consider a year with Act Five.

First, listen to Darren & Sarah:
Parents of Autumn, Act Five 2019-2020

Next, listen to Rosanna & Joo-Meng:
Parents of Jacob, Act Five 2019-2020

Does this leave you wanting to know more?

Check out this previous blog post highlighting testimonies from students.
Or perhaps this video post might be helpful in learning “The Act Five Story.
Finally, see our recent blog post on whether Act Five makes sense amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spaces remain for Act Five 2020-2021, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions.


Jon Berends

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