One Month Out: Student Reflections on a year with Act Five

Last week, a handful of gap year students gave us their reflections on the year they just experienced. Although they only recently finished their time with us, they were able to provide meaningful thoughts on what the year meant to them. Check it out!


I can confidently say that my Act Five experience was one I will never regret or forget. The community that I was surrounded with taught me how to hold both pain and joy together, showed me who real friends are, and gave me experiences that will shape how I live my life for the Kingdom of God. Living in ordinary time with this community has shaped how I see our world and has given me a better understanding of who I am as a child of God. Thanks to the supportive staff and Act Five members, I have a new passion for life! 


In Act Five, I experienced community. I experienced the highs and the lows, the joys and the sorrows, the fun and the pain. As I wrestled with this balance and tension, I found myself understanding and practicing how to pay attention and stay present in all circumstances and situations. It wasn’t always fun or enjoyable; often tiring and frustrating. But I know that this experience of communal living for 8 months has prepared me in ways I don’t even understand right now to engage in the world at a much deeper level than I would’ve been able to without my time at Act Five. 


Act Five has taught me independence. It has really shown me that I can make my own decisions and I can move beyond needing to rely on my parents for everything. I have definitely grown to love God more and become more mature in making life decisions. 

Being part of the Act Five community has also given me some great memories. Some of my favourite memories are from all the times we went to Gage Park to hang out and play frisbee, football, volleyball, and soccer! Every Sunday we did Evensong also made great memories.


At Act Five, I learned that letting go of what other people think of me is not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Turns out that letting go can be a lot of fun! Especially when you let go enough to dance with someone on the street or to share your thoughts and feelings with others. 

Allowing myself to let go of what others think has changed me by giving me the freedom to do what I want to do instead of over-analyzing every outcome. It’s allowed me to act out of fun instead of overthinking everything. 


Act Five has been truly life-changing. My understanding of who I am as a person and a child of God has changed so much. I have grown emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Our camping trips with Coldwater were some of the experiences that affected me the most. 

It has meant so much to me to have a community like Act Five around me. It’s really shown me what true love is. 

We are grateful for this year’s cohort of Act Five students and it has been a gift as staff to watch them consider, grow, be challenged, and learn together. We continue to pray for each of them as they go in new directions and participate in new communities.


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