Reflections from Alyssa, Zambia Trip Leader

As the staff who remain here in Hamilton, we are deeply enjoying receiving updates from Alyssa and Dena, the two Zambia trip leaders for Act Five. We wanted to share a few key reflections from Alyssa here.

Alyssa writes that the students have been enjoying Lundazi, the market there and the soccer games. Today they were off to a health clinic ministry in Lundazi to learn more about this pillar in the community.

Students are hoping to plan a “Canadian night” at the guest house where they will make a meal for the Zambian leaders and their families. That will hopefully be a meaningful cultural exchange; the students are excited for this.

Days at Hoya school have been long but great. The students and leaders alike have really enjoyed getting to know the teachers and have arranged a couple sessions with the teachers to ask them questions about culture, government, and education. Playing with the kids has likewise been a huge highlight.

Beyond this, Alyssa continues to share with us how blown away she is by the mature and profound discussions the students are initiating. Learning and growth has been rich and we are eager to see the students return to Hamilton in a few weeks carrying with them these new experiences and encounters.


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