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Nina Drenth

Last year was a journey of living out our mission to be people who faithfully improvise. We don’t intend to stop doing that. We desire to be a community that is open to the movement of the Spirit.

As people who love and believe in the power and truth of the biblical story, what we are doing here can be a signpost. Perhaps, as we connect more to the soil and to each other, we can remember to hope.

Since being home after finishing Act Five, I have made a habit of walking through the ravine woods close to my home. I feel there is something freeing about simply being among trees and rocks and dirt that allows me to be a human.

Following the recent announcement of Ontario’s reopening plan, we here at Act Five are increasingly confident that we will be able to safely offer all parts of our program in-person again this fall.

In conclusion, it's becoming more and more clear that if I want to follow God, I have to be open to moving from my ideas and thoughts of what is right, to what God is saying is right. 

Miraculously, all of our students were blessed with the opportunity to participate in a six week placement with local businesses and organizations in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Read stories from two of our students from these placements!

In any given moment we often cannot fully understand the importance of what we are learning and living until we step back and gain some perspective.

Alumni Matt writes that "Act Five taught me a lot about what it means to listen well. The importance of listening well has continued to grow in my life, whether it be with family, friends old and new, and even in business."

With Covid affecting so much of our lives, the friendships I made and the lessons I learned in Act Five have become doubly valuable, and I’m so grateful that God directed me down that path. 

The truth is, I do not know how or when I will start to trust the Lord with life. Maybe it will happen next week, next year, or maybe when I am 60 and retired... What I do know is I'll try to live in the present and let God be the driver for now.

So in a sense when I am homesick, I am homesick for God. For His presence, His refuge, for a time when God will make all things, all places, people who are broken and shattered new.

“If God is everywhere, and prayer is being in the presence of God, then anything can be a prayer.”

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