Thank you, and a note on what is to come.

To begin…

As a final post for this inaugural year of Act Five, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to all of you reading this who have followed along, who have prayed for us and supported us in countless ways.  I am grateful to be part of birthing a program that has a community of support encouraging us to imagine what it means to disciple young people in new ways.

If you have taken or can now take time to read recent posts of student and staff reflections, showing videos that give glimpses of this year, you see a window into what was a successful year.  While we are committed to learning and growing as a brand new program, there remains much to celebrate.

Each of our students experienced significant growth this year and has a much clearer sense of what their next steps look like as well as who they are, what it means to follow Jesus, and how they want to carry the rhythms and lessons of this year into those ahead.

So, if you are reading this, allow me to say thank you for your support – from me, the team behind Act Five at Redeemer University, the supporting high schools, and the students and staff of Act Five’s first cohort, Thank You!

What comes next?

Part of what comes in this next season is a time of rest for some of us who have given much this past year.

Beyond this, there is also much development work to be completed out of all we have learned having now gone through Act Five once.

To this work has now been added the potential implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic within which we all find ourselves.  Contingency scenarios are being mapped out and decisions will be made as we are able to make them.  While we are planning to welcome students this fall, there will be several important decisions on how to best run a successful program.

How can you continue to support us?

Continue to pray for us:

  • For wisdom in planning for the unprecedented year ahead.
  • That we might promote and recruit for the program successfully in the upcoming months; and that more potential students might see Act Five as a great option for their year ahead.

Beyond this… Spread the word! To church families & youth groups, friends and others who might be interested in what we are doing.  The best promotion for Act Five is when someone who knows of the program tells someone who does not, “You’ve gotta check this out!”

Blessings to each of you as you navigate this season in each of your own places.

May we all be faithful to the paths laid out before us,

Jon Berends

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