Act Five’s First Welcome Week

The first ever Act Five Welcome Week is coming to an end. On Monday, Act Five was still just an idea floating around in the hearts and minds of leaders, supporters, and community members. Now it has faces, tangible experiences, and a life of its own.

The 12 students moved in on Tuesday. We all closed off the day with a barbecue with their families and friends. A mixture of nervousness and anticipation could be felt in the air.

On Wednesday, they woke up early and paddled out onto Cootes Paradise. There they ate their breakfast on the water and received their first lecture floating on canoes.

On Thursday, they spent the day with New Hope Community Bikes. They built their own bicycle that will be a primary source of transportation for the remainder of the year. Students shared that they felt a unique sense of satisfaction at the end of a hard day of figuring-it-out, tinkering around, and working with their hands.

This morning (Friday), students hiked up the Wentworth stairs. There they were greeted by a beautiful city-scape and John Terpstra, a renowned local poet and author. Terpstra read them some original poetry which the students loved.

Overall, students are looking back on the week with gratitude. For instance, they’ve commented on the delicious home-cooked food they’ve eaten together at the home. They’ve enjoyed all the walking, cycling, and bussing they’ve done. In addition, students have been relishing opportunities to get to know the city on their own, checking out spots like the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Gage Park, and 541 Eatery & Exchange. Above all, they’ve loved getting to know each other and beginning to learn about living in community well.

“It’s making me a better person already,” says one student.

On Sunday, Act Five students and staff make their way up to Camp Norland where they will prepare for their 9-day backcountry canoe trip with Coldwater Canada. All the students are expressing eagerness for the trip ahead.

It is incredible to think we are only 4 days into what is already shaping up to be an amazing and life-changing adventure.  Keep following along for updates along the way!

The 2019-20 Act Five Cohort (12 students & 5 staff)

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